congrats to band. as i mentioned about our secondary orchestra, if it was all about the commitment and attitude, it would be a gold with double honours for you all. but yeah i know how it feels to be considered second best and it always sucks. not to mention some ASS ppl start bitching about their double gold with honours. i used to think that if any performing arts group deserved to get both gold with honours, it would be the them. but seeing as how their president and vice president a few of their members are so asshattingly insensitive and gullible as to believe that an award decides how good a cca is. ive thought twice.

u cant compare musical ccas like tht. ure cant play the guitar better than us, we cant sing better than choir, choir cant act better than drama, drama cant play instruments better than the band, band cant play string instruments better than chamber.

dont u dare brag about being the “best” and chiding band about their results cause if u do im so gonna break ure hands so u cant twirl ure hair anymore.

on to a lighter note. today worship was quite good. worship practice started of being disastrous when i could not change the patches in time for tell the world. but in the end worship was quite good. although its not about getting high about music but high about god. and playing in a band is such a good feeling. so ive decided if theres a battle of the bands this year i want to take part in it. haha. to participate i need a band (duh captain obvious) thus i am looking for a drummer and a keyboardist and of course an awesome backup vocalist. haha.

time flies. before u know it another global day of prayer, another national day, another festival of praise, another final year exam. and wth im still in the holiday mood.

math portfolio is disgustingly difficult and if not for the one and only awesome Ian i would be completely lost and suicidal. leaves me wondering how the non-geps are gonna solve it, cant be that all of them have awesome gep friends to help them out.

and thanks to the video they showed us during PC last week, nw i know who is captain planet. haha.



watching band perform today was quite funny. especially me and ian pointing at certain people and laughing, must have seemed quite rude. but i watch them and i think wow our syf was like 2 weeks ago! and to think that now i feel so free after syf. haha. and ghost train was an awesome piece. too bad u cant make funny train whistling sounds with a guitar.

deadlines deadlines! ive got 4 chinese compositions, history and economics internal assessment and english individual oral presentation to complete. so much for being in the holiday mood. maybe its time to get serious and start really thinking of school.  haha.

and when u go overseas to fulfill your CAS hours, dont pretend as if u went there primarily to help others and enrich their lives, and tht it wasnt about the CAS hours. maybe we should have a guitar overseas trip to do a CAS trip too. then when we present it to the school we’ll say the same things, like we went there cause we want to help and we want to care etc.

and ha i know all about ure korean crush so watch out! i have the trump card nw. haha.

 and seriously, it doesnt matter if u believe me or not. whats it to u anyway?

thanks ian for helping me (yet again) to get a new blog. the old one wasnt working very well as i couldnt post, for some weird reason. ian is really great and smart and horny corny, but far too emo. haha. learn to relax and enjoy life like i do! stop being a worrywart. haha.

 saturday, went kaleidoscope with senior comm and the wacky alvin. was quite entertaining i must say, and front row view was awesome, and we managed to make funny faces wave at gaspar. his solo was awesome as well. and grace strings handbell and gu zheng were really great too.  haha.

 chapel today. its amazing how supposed grown ups can be so last minute and hopelessly selfish. well i guess i always dreamed of playing for chapel, but somehow it diidnt turn out to be as glamorous as i thought it would be. yeah ive realised that god has a way of giving u what u want, just not the way u expected it. like syf. haha.

word of warning, dont make an enemy out of me.

quote of the day: women should put their family first

chinese lessons. the most useless but fun lesson of all. and now i have to argue the above mentioned motion. in chinese. in chinese. in chinese! and we are for the above motion. its funny course the group that is opposing us is a group of 3 gals. so its like guys vs gals for an extremely sexist motion. and the basis of our arguement is like totally sexist, but true to a certain extent. aha i should just go and support my statements with lots of statistics. woo.

and another syf. it seems so anticlimatic, that all we’ve worked for in the past year has just ended in a matter of 8 minutes. all the great times ive had in guitar, i just dont want it to end. but of course it has to end some day. really really proud of everyone. even though at times i may be a total ass and shout at the whole lot of your, im actually very happy that each one of you has put in so much effort into this dream of ours.

what has happened to us. there was a time when everyone was happy to get a gold. but now the school just cripples us by setting that ideal pedestral of gold with honours. and it blinds us so much that all we are only willing to acknowledge as an achievement is a gold with honours.

therefore i understand the pain that the secondary orchestra feels. we all were there before 2 years ago. yes its true that the award does matter to everyone, no matter how many times we may try and say it doesnt. but we as a committee are very very very proud of all ure efforts and ure devotion to the CCA. to us you were the best, and if the syf award was based on the devotion to the CCA, the mastery of the instrument and the attitudes of the players, then you all would win a gold with double honours seriously.

i just hope that all of you can look back at the time uve spent in the guitar orchestra and have fond memories. as long as you’ve enjoyed ureself thats all tht matters!

just know in ure hearts that in truth, guitar orchestra has a double honours.

and when dumb people from a certain school, where its students are called a name that sounds like a rafflesia flower, rant on like they are so damn good, it just screams IM A LOSER, IM IMMATURE AND INSECURE THUS I RESORT TO DOING SUCH THINGS! SHOOT ME NW! yeah something like that. lets not stoop to that level.


quote of the day: two roads diverged in a wood, and I….. I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.

actually now tht ive reached an important step in my life, i often look back and think if things could have turned out differently. like for example if i managed to get into Raffles Institution in sec 1, i would probably be an introvert, nerdy study-orientated kind of person. And I quote from rene( or is it renee?) that “you’re either sexy or an ri boy”. or if i decided not to study MEP and pursue a third language in sec 1 instead. then my circle of friends would probably be much different, and i wouldnt be in the guitar orchestra. if i wasnt in guitar orchestra, i would not have learnt how to play the guitar. if i did not learn how to play the guitar, i wouldnt be in my church worship team, and i wouldnt be able to experience this closeness to god. so yeah. things could have actually been much different had i taken a different path somewhere along my life.

so nw i have decided not to look back and regret. like as much as i may hate the IB curriculum( i thinks its mispelled – ed: it is but it’s changed), i still have to live with it. so to all who live in regret, thank god for everything! thank god for what he has given u, whether good or bad.

like when i look back at frets, i could say i was disappointed at the amount of ppl who turned up. i could react angrily to ppl who chided me by saying things like “even if the concert’s free also not many ppl want to go”. but ive decided to just let things be, and thank god tht the concert went well. i didnt make as many mistakes as i thought i would, and how deep is ure love was awesome. haha.

okay i need to thank some ppl:

Ian- for providing me with moral support even when i felt like folding under the immense pressure.

Eugene- for planning everything so well and sacrificing so much time and effort into this concert.

Edwin- for rising magnificently to the occasion by sorting out the supports and foot stools.

Chen Yi- for using ure god given great talent in guitar to make frets such a success.

Shaun lim and shane- for always being a firm anchor and a pillar of support.

samuel- for managing the secondary orchestra despite any disputes faced.

Erik and King- for giving it ure best for the concert, a constant reminder to me why we are still doing our best for guitar, to raise up wonderful people like you all.

and the IB orchestra people- for coming to my aid in arranging the chairs and stands for the second half of the concert. must really commend you all for making this concert such a success.

for all my friends who came down the support me, sorry i could not talk much to you all as i was busy with plenty of stuff. haha. special thanks to

Ling jia- for the flower and the huge box of hershey chocolates. goodness i really owe u.

Elizabeth- for coming down all the way from ang mo kio to support me and for giving me such a huge lollipop. haha. wonder how im going to finish it.

Ci jie and junipher and pearlyn- for the flowers and shouting ENCORE as loud as u could.

sarah- for the chocolate which sadly melted as i held it in my hand for too long.

alvin, joash, joseph, indra and gang for coming down to support me.

and my family for supporting me and fetching me to a good supper after the concert.

one more week to SYF, and its time to let go. seriously. and our combined FOA with choir and CPAC is the last straw. i refuse to perform in FOA. like seriously. i just cross my fingers and pray tht new leaders would rise up within the guitar orchestra, to lead the guitar orchestra to greater heights, to go places where we have not trod. haha.

and yes i must say that i have taken the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference. (edit: how cliche, dre.)


quote of the day: why didnt u remind me of joey’s birthday??

AHHHHHHHHHHHH! i forgot about my good friend joey’s birthday. so embarrassing. goodness me. i should just dig a huge hole and hide myself. thanks la JOYCE today then remind me, like it would do much help? hahahaha. ok my fault la i should have remembered!

ok so i should try and remember all my close friends birthdays. and speaking of friends, its strange when u meet old friends. and its even worse when u dotn recognise them! so embarrassing. i wonder next time would i still remember my current class mates. haha. thts why we should learn to treasure our friends as much as we can nw, cuz we may not meet them again in the future. haha.

today went out shopping with IAN. haha. great i cant believe i went shopping. somethings happening to me but somehow i kind of like it. haha. i must convert IAN!

FRETS. pls come and support us! will probably be my swan song for guitar orchestra. (FOA isnt counted cuz we are combining with a certain singing grp). i have found out whats its like to exhaust myself on my CCA. ive always scoffed at the notion of ppl who felt so drained and exhausted dealing with their respective CCAs. looks whos having the last laugh nw.

okay thts enough for today. another of school and guitar. im putting my heart and soul into frets and i hope i wont disappoint myself.


Quote of the day: where’s your white tile??

not like i intentionally missed out my white tile during chem prac. stupid practical today everything was so confusing. not like in my higher chem class when u just take this mix with tht and titrate. and it didnt help tht the first two retort stands i took were incapable of holding up my burette, causing me to spill lots of hydrogen peroxide. well done andre, great first impression right there.

so now that i’ve changed class, everythings so confusing. going from class to class, and shifting chinese classes three times in a row. and i hardly know all the people in my class. so yeah class outing tomorrow. hopefully it wont be cliqueish and all if not it will defeat the purpose. haha.

and maybe people still have this wrong impression of me? i mean. some people see it as either ure on this side, or ure on that side. and thats not the way it is at all. seriously. sure i could raise objections as much as i please and push for my own way. but at what cost? to cause more conflict and hard feelings. on one hand i understand how one side is feeling, yet on the other hand i know that things arent the way they think it is. cruel it is, being the middleman.

and yes we make mistakes too. so dont keep scrutinising us and slamming us the moment we slip up. its all about the attitude and at least we try. you know what? for once ill like to sit back and see other people in our shoes. see what they do. in fact, tht day is going to come soon and i CANT WAIT! woo.

and its all talk talk talk. Yes i agree with you! its not like im a blockhead incapable of analysing things. but u cant just wait for things to happen can u? MAKE them happen! if only u all knew what i have been trying to do. then ull know.

ok on a lighter note.. F.R.E.T.S! an initiative of the guitar orchestra of Anglo Chinese School (Independent). as they say, finally a really exciting thing to see! hahaha. come and support us! FREE admission, great atmosphere at the Centre for Performing Arts at the new building of ACS (I). its going to be great! cya all there!

CHEERS! (to a good turnout at FRETS)